Zero to Ten with Brent LeVasseur

What’s up, WFH warriors? We’ve got a new podcast episode dropping today to help you get through another week of this strange, strange time. Meet Brent LeVasseur, VP of Propellant Media here in Charlotte. There’s one thing you should know about Brent: he has a lot of random thoughts. And this week’s episode of Zero to Ten is full of them. Like his idea for a new YouTube show: purchasing the entire discount cart you see at Food Lion’s and taste-testing each of the questionable alcohol placed inside. We also learn that one of Brent’s 2020 goals was actually to stay up later (weirdo).

But we won’t judge him for that, because he also talks about the benefits of hitting the snooze button every once in a while in the mornings (we agree) and the struggle of knowing when to listen to a nudge that life is giving you – like to go into marketing after working in sports your whole life. You can listen to the entire episode below.

Throw it on while you’re doing some cleaning or puzzle building and have some laughs. You deserve it. (please note: this episode was recorded last month, not recently. stay home 💛)

On that note, while we’re home during this time we’ve been hard at work thinking of ways to make the hygge fam feel at home, as well as revamping our processes. Think new software, and logistical things as well fun new custom hygge laptop stickers Lots of cool things incoming. Hopefully soon.

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