zero to ten with jess berresse

What’s it like working with Garrett Tichy? Eh, it’s fine.

But what’s it like working with him AND living with him? Consider this your People Magazine tell all.

We’re actually mostly joking. While we did have Jess Berresse, Garrett’s partner in life and business, on the podcast recently to learn a bit more about her life, we actually don’t talk about Garrett much at all because Jess is a total boss all on her own.

Instead, on this episode of Zero to Ten we spent a lot more time talking with Jess about Seemingly Overzealous, a dairy-free dessert (it’s ice cream but apparently people get funny about you calling things ice cream when they’re dairy free) business that is quickly gaining in popularity in Charlotte.

We got some updates from Jess on how construction for their shop at Camp North End is, we pick her brain about her favorite and least favorite flavors, we get the scoop (ha) on cat treat ice cream and we ask what it’s like to build a business with someone you also live with (boundaries are key).

It’s a great episode and we can’t wait for you to listen to it, so this is the end of the writing. Go hit play.

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