Katelin Resta’s 2017 Brain Dump

Holy cannoli it has been too long. My last entry (lol cuz this is my actual diary) was October of last year and booooy how things have changed. Mostly the political climate – jk that’s not what I’m here to talk about. Well sorta.

I truthfully want to put my thoughts on paper every day, but I don’t take the time to cuz I think I’m busy but really I’m on the internet wasting my life away. Please forgive any typos here because I’m about to go to town on these new keys…I’ve been keepin these thoughts in my head for much too long. *opens iPhone notes*

So, in the most millennial fashion, I’ve moved again and landed a new job. I’ve spent the last year-ish thinking about how to diversify my friend groups (literally, hang out with more people who don’t look like me), I’ve donated a few bucks here and there to like 25 great causes, I soberly spilled an entire glass of red wine on my laptop and dipped into the savings for a new one, I’ve voted, I got some blonde hair (this is a self-identity story for another time), I moved in with my partner #sinnersclub, I’ve also cried, skipped like 46 workouts, made mistakes, etc. but I feel like this year has been HUGE for me in so many ways. I’ve subscribed to 100+ more podcasts and YES I’m obsessed with all of them if you need recs holla; and I think I’ll cut the run-on sentence there because the last pod I listened to inspired me to write this.

“I don’t need to be everything to everyone” – Lena Dunham on a recent episode of my new favorite pod. AMEN SISTER. Guys and gals, I’m really learning how to be me for me. And I strongly encourage you to do the same. Once I shared a new idea with a friend and they were like *eyeroll* “what are you gonna try next, huh?” and in that moment it sure pissed me off. But we’re a cool 4 years away from that and I’m fully, completely and totally embracing that question. I AM GONNA WRITE A BLOG POST THAT’S WHAT. I’m here to tell you (and not in a bossy way, just in an encouraging-friend way, seriously) to do it. Go vegan. Wear that weird pair of pants. Go hiking/camping even if you have to borrow ALL the gear. Part your hair differently. Go to the movies alone. Read your favorite book uh-gain. You post that Instagram, girl! Tell the people you love how much you love them as best you can. Show them. Ask people/yourself really hard questions…idk – just DO the things that you have been thinking about trying. DOOO THEMMMM. Do them for you, and nobody else. Here are a few things I would like to suggest:

  • be more excited and less whiney about babies and engagements and having to buy wedding gifts for all your friends in love. YOU WILL NEVER GET THIS TIME BACK (and you know it’s actually a blast you negative nancy). and seriously, what do you like better: viral, depressing and sometimes fake news OR exciting ‘life events’ on Facebook? HUH? TELL ME. I AM SHOUTING.
  • step outside of your neighborhood. I mean this literally and metaphorically. like, talk to people who don’t live where you live and do the things you do. it’s so important. recently I was at dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in a few years, and she said “one thing I’ll never forget that you told me was that all of us humans aren’t that different once you look up close. we all just need to try to get to know each other”…and I was like WHOA cuz it was one of those things I forgot I said but when I heard it I was like YES YES YES.
  • dissolve (?) your grudges, make new friends, and call/text/email that person or distant relative you think forgot about you maybe. negative energy is a complete waste of time (maybe that’s not totally true but you get it). and rekindling friendships is THE BEST.
  • learn about your local politics and become a more active citizen. I vow to you, all 12 of you readers, that I will do this better starting tomorrow.
  • de-clutter your living spaces. do it right now. ttyl.
  • start a club…or join the open coffee I finally started and is a WHOLE ONE MONTH in. (but seriously, pluggin it –> join us…12/6/17 @ jubala on hillsborough st in raleigh)

Lastly, I want to thank @jamiewheels for asking me approx once a week over the last 13 months when I’m going to sit down and write my blog. He is – believe it or not – currently singing and dancing in the kitchen WHILE doing dishes and he just said to me “is this for work?” and when I said “no it’s #projectcheers” he said “YGG, good for you!” and he is my absolute favorite thing. Ever.

Apologies for the randomness. Now that I’ve jumped the publishing-hurtle I’ll be sitting down to do this more often again. I promise.

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