Hygge #FashionFriday Returns

By now, Hygge residents know I’m a little weird. Yet for some odd reason, they still agree to take part in my crazy ideas like #FashionFriday.

Transitioning clothes into fall can be tricky, especially when it’s 90 degrees outside. For me, I just get so excited for leggings and flowy cardigans that I end up burning up all day. But these residents make it look easy.

I’m no Rémy Thurston, but I did quite a few photo shoots around the space with these lovely models.

Check out what they’ve been sporting around Hygge.


How can you not smile looking at this picture? Jacinda is a ball of joy!


Will has snazzy shoes.


Laurie likes to match the decor.


“I don’t know what to do with my hands.”


Meg’s smile is brought to you by Lineberger Dentistry.


Abercrombie circa 2005 meets urban rustic meets lumbersexual.


Overalls and Chacos – it’s a way of life.


Looking sharp in green.


Apparently this picture quality hurts Duncan’s soul. Whatever, Duncan.


Stephanie putting her best foot forward.


“Yeah I like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, what of it?”

Hygge residents, if you would like to be featured on the next #FashionFriday, send your name, age, address and favorite herb (mine’s cilantro, parsley is a close second) to Garrett via your favorite form of social media.

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