Where Are They Now? Pop Up Produce Edition

This is part of our OrthoCarolina Living Room Series where we feature local groups using the space. Stay tuned to learn about another group that used the OrthoCarolina Living Room on our blog next week.

You may recognize the name Pop Up Produce. I wrote about it and its founder, Amanda Zullo, using the OrthoCarolina Living Room for the first interest meeting back in August.

A few months have passed and a lot has happened.

Here are some updates:

  • Within the first three weeks of going live, Pop Up Produce donated and planted more than 120 Fresh Start Kits to various Title 1 schools, community gardens and recreation centers in West End and North End.
  • To date, more than 220 families and individuals have been provided Fresh Start Kits.
  • Pop Up Produce partnered with Sustain Charlotte and their Community Corps. Now when Sustain Charlotte members buy kits, their donated kits will go toward SCCC’s target neighborhood for 2016 — Grier Heights.

To purchase/donate a Fresh Start Kit, click here. Now that fall has arrived, all donations will be allocated toward the spring season kits.

If you’re worried you don’t have a green thumb, don’t be. We got a Fresh Start Kit for Hygge and it’s super easy to do.

Step 1: Place the compost evenly throughout the carton.


Step 2: “See! You just dig a little hole.”


Step 3: Place the seeds in the holes. They even include this handy dandy “how to grow” sheet so you don’t mess up.


Step 4: Cover up the seeds, give them a little water and label them!




If you want to learn more, Pop Up Produce will be at Biketoberfest on October 15 and Open Streets 704 on October 23.

Are you doing awesome things in the community, but don’t have a spot for your next meeting? Contact us about using the OrthoCarolina Living Room.

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