zero to ten with bryan archilla

Bryan Archilla has been a member of the hygge team for about 2 months now and it’s been just enough time for us to see what an incredible fit he is for our weird little group of folks holding down the show here in Charlotte.

As the hygge wesley heights community manager, Bryan is in charge of that location and will soon take over managing the podcast studio – a full circle moment since that’s how we met Bryan in the first place. He’s been recording his show, Headkanon, in our studio for years now. And he only ever broke the rules once, which is pretty impressive.

Bryan’s background is in video editing and marketing, but when he was let go of his last job we were lucky enough to snag him for ourselves. He’s passionate about entertainment of all kinds, is an aspiring writer, and has a friend named Crockett who would be the most likely to do some weird stuff with seagulls in his house (we’re onto you, Crockett).

If that bizarre paragraph confused you at all, it means you’ve gotta listen to our podcast episode where we spend 20 minutes getting to know a little more about Bryan (and Crockett). You can listen above or by searching for Zero to Ten wherever you prefer to get your podcasts.

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