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That’s pronounced “hoo-guh.” Both are at 809 West Hill Street right behind Bank of America Stadium in Third Ward. Hygge is led by Garrett Tichy and Kayla Duggar, who also run Ready at 7 marketing.

[Agenda story: Introducing Hygge: More than just a coworking space]

The acquisition brings the Hygge square footage from 3,500 to 9,000 and brings the number of private offices from three to 17. It will also allow Hygge to bring on new members (they had tapped out of space in the existing location).

The 809 space will be rearranged with new types of furniture and an emphasis on creating “nooks” for people to work. Hygge has also put $4,600 in strengthening the Wi-Fi and $3,300 on a sophisticated lock/entry system.

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