zero to ten with chandler wrenn of hex coffee

When we asked Chandler Wrenn, one of the owner’s of Hex Coffee, to come onto Zero to Ten, we had absolutely no idea we’d spend so much time laughing.

Chandler, alongside his two friends Tanner and John Michael, launched Hex Coffee in 2016. They’ve quickly become a popular roaster in Charlotte, bagging and roasting their coffee in their coffee shop at Camp North End.

We’ve been big fans of Hex (and by proxy, Chandler) for a long time. In fact, they’re one of our coffee partners over at our Camp North End location, and there’s truly nothing like coming into the space in the mornings and waking up with a cup of Hex coffee.

Hex Coffee just recently announced it will move and expand its presence in Camp North End. Their new spot will include a coffee bar, a cafe with seating for up to 40 people, a full service kitchen, outdoor seating and space for events. Chandler alludes to this big announcement in the episode, and we are so pumped to see what they do with their new space.

But enough about the coffee business, because that’s only a small part of what we talk about in this week’s episode with Chandler. Instead, we spend a lot of time getting to know some other really cool things about him, like that he, Tanner and John Michael started out as band mates before creating Hex Coffee. Or that he has a background in city planning. Or that if he were to describe himself as any coffee drink out there, he’d be an espresso.

Basically, Chandler is pretty cool and funny (even if his kids don’t think so) and we end on a high note with an A+ dad joke.

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