Frame of Mind with Uncle Jut

Welcome to the Frame of Mind series, the brain child of Chase Price with RedefineU Media. At hygge, we’re kind of known for keeping it short. Most of our videos are under one minute and at Zero Day we strictly enforce the 10 minute rule. But a few months ago, Chase came to us with an idea: interview local start ups and entrepreneurs about their stories and ask them questions that small business owners, creatives and community leaders everywhere are struggling with. This series of long interviews (yup, 30-45 minutes) is designed to get in-depth and personal, so get ready to dig in.

Justin, aka Uncle Jut to pretty much everyone, picked up a camera for the first time only a few years ago when he turned 30. In just 4 years, he’s had the opportunity to work with national brands like Nike and Toyota, all by creating some of the most stunning photography Charlotte has ever seen.

For him, it all started with needing a lifestyle change:

“I didn’t shoot before that, I just needed a life change. I was spending a lot of time doing the wrong things and wasn’t full, wasn’t fulfilled.”

Quickly he became enthralled with taking pictures of the moment and then spending time editing them after. More and more people took notice and started approaching him to buy prints and take other photos. It only ballooned from there to working with Nike at UNCC or with Toyota at a NASCAR race.

And yes, they approached him, so he’s kinda a big deal.

In this episode of Frame of Mind, Chase talks with Uncle Jut about learning a new skill at 30 years old, working with huge brands as an individual and how important it is to say no sometimes to work on what you truly love. Because, after all, passion is key to great work, and great photography.

“I don’t want to spend all my time working with a client, because then it becomes another job,” he says. “I like to put in the work where I can, take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves, but then step back and make time for me.”

You can hear it all, and a whole lot more, by watching the full interview below. Yup, it’s a long one. Sometimes, you’ve gotta do the deep dive to learn. So hit pause on your day, kick back and let’s learn something new.

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