zero to ten with drake gens of finteam consulting

Within the first 3 minutes of meeting Drake Gens, owner and CEO of FinTeam Business Consulting, we knew this podcast episode was going to be a hoot. At only 24 years old, Drake is witty and smart. He’s quick to make a joke and is clearly passionate about what he does.

And what he does is run FinTeam Business Consulting, where he essentially acts as a part-time CFO for small businesses to help them achieve their financial goals. This includes helping them talk through budgeting, cash flow and strategic analysis of their financial situation.

If you’re sitting there thinking that sounds like a lot for someone who’s only 24, we thought the same thing, but Drake handles it all flawlessly.

Finances are a deeply personal thing to discuss with someone, and Drake recognizes this. He has a background in investment banking, but earning that trust with a small business owner who’s working to achieve their dreams is something he finds particularly rewarding. We can totally see why.

During the episode, we talk with Drake about what led him to Charlotte from a small town filled with ice cream shops in Pennsylvania, weird tax/financial books he likes to read, how he bought a business at only 24 and so much more.

You can listen to the full episode above, or search for Zero to Ten wherever you jam to your podcasts. To learn more about FinTeam Business Consulting, head to their website. 

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