zero to ten with teddy fitzgibbons of streetfair

When we invited local tech startup founder Teddy Fitzgibbons onto Zero to Ten, with expected a pretty standard discussion of  what his startup does, where his idea came from and how folks can interact with with it. We were not expecting to have an in-depth discussion on skydiving, but that’s exactly what happened.

Turns out that Teddy has his skydiving license and has been partaking in the activity since he was 18. He’s done over 145 dives (which he says isn’t that impressive in the grand scheme of the sport, but we’re still in awe) and has done dives all over the world, including London and Australia.

Don’t worry, though, after about 10 minutes we get back on track and discuss StreetFair, a website for neighborhoods to be able to get home services recommendations and sign up for deals with their neighbors. The startup also solves a big problem for home service businesses: route density. Essentially, it’s a lot cheaper and more efficient for businesses to send out one person to service several homes in the same area at the same time, rather than doing it over the course of several days.

Teddy and his business partner Mike Kerr were exposed to the problem when they were looking at buying a pool cleaning company. In order to make money, they needed route density, but there was no modern technology that allowed businesses to obtain that. As homeowners, they also saw the opportunity to easily figure out what companies their neighbors already trusted and used for their home services.

We talk with Teddy about how StreetFair came to be, what it’s like to build a startup with a business partner and how they solve disagreements as an organization building something brand new.

You can listen to the full episode above, or you can search for Zero to Ten wherever you prefer to listen.

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