zero to ten with cristy montoya

We really like beautiful spaces, in case you couldn’t tell by the time and effort we put into our locations. But we don’t do these things alone, because creating beautiful spaces is actually much harder than a lot of folks think.

We have a lot of respect for interior designers like Cristy Montoya, owner of Factory of Spaces, because not everyone on the team (*cough cough* alyssa) has the eye or understanding for how a space can be both functional and well designed. Cristy has it though.

She’s responsible for stunning projects all over the world, including right here in Charlotte. Her most notable might be the redesign she did for Social Status, a street wear and sneaker store on Central Ave. in the city.

Cristy has owned her own interior design firm for 7 years now, but she’s been in the design industry since she graduated college, where she studied interior design. She knew from a young age, when she used to devote her time to decorating her room and getting creative with her space at home, that this was her passion.

She worked for some corporate interior design firms for a while after college but wanted the freedom to choose her projects and creative process, which led her to start her own business. Over 7 years she’s grown her business through housing market dips, a pandemic and, most recently, a baby joining her family.

“It’s been a long journey and it’s been challenging to get where I am now, but I’m so glad I stuck it through,” she says. “I think a lot of people don’t stay long enough in their career path to see success in it.”

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