Spotted: Michael in His Natural Habitat

You will never lose Michael. He always sits on the white couch at Hygge.
Michael sitting on the Hygge white couch

He loves it and I don’t blame him. It’s comfortable, it has a table to spread your stuff out on, it’s beside the music speaker for optimal listening pleasure, it usually has blankets, it’s steps away from the coffee and it’s next to a lamp.

Michael makes good life choices. He also helps others make good life choices for a living. Michael is a co-founder at College Transitions, which is essentially a private college counselor for high school students who are preparing for the application process.

Here’s Michael saying smart things.

Finally making use of that broadcast degree.

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Here’s Michael saying more smart things.

Running for public office.

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Here’s Michael saying smart things, again.

You get the point. Michael knows his stuff. Admittedly, the first time I met him I didn’t think he was old enough to have his master’s and Ph.D., but he is.

Television appearances are second nature to him—he was an electronic media/broadcasting major at Appalachian State University. Some of my friends from college work in broadcast and it always cracks me up to hear them go into work mode. So naturally I asked him to “do” his broadcast voice. Michael obliged and even did his best Larry McReynolds impersonation. If NASCAR knew what was good for them, they’d scoop him up.

Don’t worry, Michael is sticking to the education sphere for now. If you’re interested in how athletics affect higher education, he’s your guy. Hit him up on Twitter or IRL if you’re feeling confident—he’s nice I promise. You can also talk to him about music. He likes a lot of different genres.

Exhibit A:

Enrique Iglesias Twitter convoIf you hear Petey Pablo coming from the speakers, it was Michael. He is also responsible for the Future and 2 Chainz tracks (clean versions, of course).

“I’m Different” gets me pumped to do work every day. Thanks, Michael.

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