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Talking birthing accessibility with Charlotte doula Jo House

Jo House may be the missing piece that Charlotte needs! As the owner and primary doula of Earthside Doula Co, they offer a wide range of services to new parents and caregivers while keeping intersectionality in mind. “I dream of seeing more doulas advocating for all birthing people and joining together against the mistreatment of birthing folks of color that do not identify as women.”

Investing time into the community and changing how people experience childbirth is a cornerstone of her work. If that doesn’t garner your kudos, you can also catch her volunteering with the CLT Baby Support Alliance and providing community baby showers to those in need.

In this week’s interview, we explored how their work came to be, the drive behind starting her business and the call to use her instincts and natural talents. She has a daunting field of work. “Being a doula is a constant energy exchange with the folks we work with,” she says. Yet Jo is always ready with a helping hand and intends to expand her future work into childcare education. Read on below.

charlotte doula

You wear a few hats, so break it down for us! What’s your business, and when did you start it? Also, tell us about the nonprofit you work for. What’s your role with them?

I am the owner and primary doula of Earthside Doula Co. LLC! I started this business in January 2023, providing much-needed doula work to the Charlotte birthing community. I am also the Volunteer Marketing and Comms Director for the CLT Baby Support Alliance. The CLT BSA is a nonprofit organization that hosts bi-monthly community baby showers. We provide baby supplies donated from the community to new and expecting parents/caregivers. We are so honored to be an avenue of community care. Monday – Friday, I also nanny the most precious 17-month-old little human.

What led you to doula work? What makes you passionate about it?

I became an aunt at age 5 when my older sister birthed my first niece. Twenty years later, I have gained three more nieces, a nephew, a goddaughter, and a great-niece! Caring for babies and birthing people came so naturally to me that I didn’t even identify it as a skill until a year ago. I spent my youth babysitting kids from around my community and thrived with it. I spent my young adult years figuring out that my passion is helping other humans. Birth work, postpartum care, and community love allow me to use my instinctual empathy and natural caretaking abilities.

charlotte doula

You’re committed to accessibility with your doula work – tell us more about that.

My business runs on a sliding scale in hopes that all of my services are accessible to anyone that wants or needs them. I offer support for birth, postpartum, abortion, and placenta encapsulation. Soon I will provide childbirth education. My business and existence will always be a safe and warm space for ALL birthing people. At the forefront of the entity I have created, I advocate and hold space for people of color and transgender, non-binary, queer, etc., folks in the birthing community.

What’s something folks might not realize about being a doula?

Being a doula is a constant energy exchange with the folks we work with. Intensified emotions and life-altering changes impact energy balances in doulas and clients alike. Staying healthy energetically, physically, and emotionally is vital to the work!

What’s something you see birth givers facing right now that you wish was different?

Black birthing people and babies face some of the country’s highest mortality rates. I dream of seeing more doulas advocating for all birthing people and joining together against the mistreatment of birthing folks of color that do not identify as women.

charlotte doula

How long have you lived in Charlotte? What’s your favorite thing about it?

I have lived in Charlotte for 3 years! My favorite part of this city is the freedom and acceptance of self-expression and becoming. Living in this city, I could take my time figuring out who I am and what I want to stand for, with a community of beautiful people to love me wildly in the process. Also, the abundance of phenomenal coffee shops! I’m open to talking more about the life of a doula over coffee anytime!

Jo’s website,, is in the process of being built at the time of publishing this blog. If you are interested in their services, you can reach them via Instagram in the meantime.

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