Frame of Mind with Girl Tribe

Welcome to the Frame of Mind series, the brain child of Chase Price with RedefineU Media. At hygge, we’re kind of known for keeping it short. Most of our videos are under one minute and at Zero Day we strictly enforce the 10 minute rule. But a few months ago, Chase came to uswith an idea: interview local start ups and entrepreneurs about their stories and ask them questions that small business owners, creatives and community leaders everywhere are struggling with. This series of long interviews (yup, 30-45 minutes) is designed to get in-depth and personal, so get ready to dig in.

All month at hygge we’ve been talking about finding your people, so this Frame of Mind episode with Chase really hit home for us. If anyone has managed to build a community where people searching for their people can find their people, it’s Girl Tribe founders Carrie Barker and Sarah Baucom. 

The pair started 5 years ago with a combined business – then “Pink Social” – and a mere 20 members in their Girl Tribe Facebook Page. Now they’re a full clothing brand with pop ups featuring hundreds of local vendors and a Facebook Page with over 17,000 members nationwide. 

And all of it centers around one thing: community. Building each other up and showing out for your tribe. 

Carrie and Sarah have known each other since grade school, but it was a little over 5 years ago when they first started working together. Sarah started an online boutique called Social Dress Shop and Carrie designed her logo website while starting her graphic design business: Pink Toast Ink. 

For 3 years they continued to lift each other up and encourage each other along. One thing led to another, and Girl Tribe was born. They wanted to empower other women and bring them into their own circle. They created the Facebook page, thinking it’d be 20 women asking things like where to get their taxes done, but overnight it had 1,000 members. 

Driving it all, after 5 years, is that uplifting, empowered spirit that it all started with when it was just the two of them trying to figure it all out on their own. 

“I think we’re personally redefining the american dream for a woman,” Carrie says. “You can be successful and go after your passion and don ‘t have to be defined by all of these stereotypes. And if you don’t fit into a corporate puzzle or a medium business puzzle, there’s still a place out there for you. We’re just misfits.”

Chase sat down with Carrie and Sarah to talk about their crazy growth as a brand, the creative process behind their popular lines like Game Day, how it all got started and growing the team. 
Wanna learn more? Take a quick break from the grind and watch them tell it from their words on Frame of Mind with Chase Price.

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