Zero to Ten with Jen Bishop

What do you do when your entire business is built on people gathering in big ways and then a pandemic hits?

That’s the question Jennifer Bishop, the founder and owner of J. Leigh Events, found herself facing when the entire state shut down in 2020. All of her events for the year were cancelled or postponed and she was left without work for months at a time.

“I think I went 5 or 6 months with no physical events,” she remembers. And in her business, that essentially means going 5 or 6 months with no pay.

She found herself on unemployment waiting things out, which was no easy feat if you take yourself back that time and remember how uncertain everything was.

Now, as we collectively face the Delta variant for Covid-19, another indoor mask mandate and some uncertainty about the future, we’re catching up with Jen to see how she kept her business going and what things look like for her now.

And part of how things look now include figuring out parenting her son, Henry, who was born in February this year. This means Jen has the dual task of figuring out how to navigate a business during an uncertain time while also raising a baby in an uncertain time.

On the business side, this means updating her contract to protect herself legally from any lawsuits related to Covid, having back-up plans for her clients in the event that gathering limits are put into place, and creating a cushion financially.

On the personal side, it means surrounding herself with people who can lend a hand and assist her in different ways.

“I think the biggest thing is just find support,” she says in the episode. “It’s hard. It’s very hard to find support. I will not gloss that over. I have cried. There are days that I’m like, ‘I can’t get all this done.’ But putting yourself around people that support you – even if you can just be like, ‘Today sucks.’ – that helps tremendously.”

You can listen to the full conversation above or by finding our podcast show, Zero to Ten, wherever you like to listen.

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