zero to ten with andy smith

Andy Smith is a journalist through-and-through, from his ability to hyper fixate on topics until he’s “conversational” in them to his love for fact-checking and asking questions. But over the past year, he’s taken a step out of his writing and editing background to take on a new challenge: publisher of Charlotte Magazine.

Don’t worry, he’s found the new role still really suits him. Since his promotion, he’s been doing deep dives into every facet of the magazine industry that he hadn’t previously explored, like sales and shipping. And he still gets to watch the editorial side of his team work their magic and tell incredible stories.

We’ve been big fans of Charlotte Magazine for a while and have loved having their crew at the hygge camp north end location over the past several months. We wanted to sit down with Andy to chat about his new role, his love for Charlotte and the media industry as a whole.

During our 25-or-so minutes, we  covered a lot of ground. For example, we learn that for a (previous) journalist, Andy’s actually wildly unobservant. We talk about the challenges and fun parts of running a monthly publication as opposed to daily news. We get some great book recommendations. We gush about our other favorite media organizations in Charlotte (shoutout to Axios Charlotte and Queen City Nerve!).

It was an awesome conversation and we had a blast. You can listen to the full episode above, or search for Zero to Ten on whatever podcast platform you prefer. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode💛

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