our core values.

Our core values shape everything we do here at hygge, from the businesses we choose to partner with to the things we share on social media. We consider them our road map as we operate each day. The values below help us make all our decisions, so we think it’s important you know what they are, too.


Coworking is about more than space to us; it’s about connecting with others personally and professionally. hygge strives to create an environment where you can meet others, whether that means making a new friend by talking about weekend plans at the coffee pot or finding a business that can help you further your own goals. We truly believe we are all better together.


Applicable to both space and business practices, we thrive on openness. Even our offices have an open layout so individual teams can more easily collaborate, and you’ll find the hygge team members always working in the open spaces at each location. We also pride ourselves on being open and honest in our policies with our members.


Our goal is always to provide a safe, comfortable space for you to crush your personal and professional goals. We mindfully design our spaces with productivity in mind and offer a variety of amenities like breakout meeting rooms and phone booths to meet people where they’re at.


Our goal is to focus on educational and locational accessibility. Having a good location in a good area provides several options for daily activities like food, cafes, gyms, libraries, etc. In order to enhance educational accessibility, we are consistently working to organize great events, workshops and business talks for our members and the greater Charlotte community.


Community goes beyond simply connecting with others. Being part of a community means contributing to the space and ingraining yourself with those who surround you. Our hope is that everyone finds community in our walls. As a locally owned business in Charlotte, our hope is also that we contribute in a meaningful way to the city’s many diverse communities.

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