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What Is a Yo Pro?

Yo pro. For my fellow Tar Heels, yo pro sounds similar to the beloved froyo place on Franklin Street. For my fellow millennials working in Charlotte, yo pro is a term we give to other young professionals. As much as I love talking about froyo, this blog will not revolve around frozen treats. Networking can […]

Why I Cowork at Hygge

This is a guest post by Hygge resident, Meg Seitz. Meg is a force of nature. She gets shit done and does it well. I want to be her when I grow up. You can read more about Meg here. Right around this time last year, I was on the verge of losing it. I started […]

Circle de Luz Holiday Giving Party

Circle de Luz, a local nonprofit that has been around for eight years, is one of the resident nonprofits out of Hygge. It focuses on empowering young Latinas by offering programming, mentoring and scholarship funds. Program Manager Karina Vogel says she often gets asked what empowering entails. “Empowering is such a broad and really powerful word,” […]

Q&A with Haley Bohon after Coffee Hours

This is part of our OrthoCarolina Living Room Series where we feature local groups using the space. Stay tuned to learn about another group that used the OrthoCarolina Living Room on our blog next week. Fellow grammarians of the internet, is it “Coffee Hours are” or “Coffee Hours is?” I need answers. It is a singular […]

Behind the Scenes at Susie Films

“You told her to ask me about the nudist colony?” Minutes earlier, I sat on a couch in Hygge and mentioned the words “nudist colony” to Scott Galloway, director at Susie Films, at the request of his business partner, Eric Davis. “I told her the PG version,” Scott says as he stares down Eric. Eric […]

Knight Cities Challenge Info Session

Knight Cities Challenge is an awesome opportunity for the great people of Charlotte to make an impact on their community. Winners will share in $5 million. Maybe you’ve heard of Queen City Quiz Show. It is a mobile quiz show that will “enlighten and challenge diverse communities with questions about the city from the trivial to […]

Freedom School Partners Serving the Community

Freedom School Partners is a six-week summer program that ensures children retain and build upon their reading abilities during their time off. According to its website, “If lower income children can’t continue to learn through the summer, they fall behind in their higher income peers. By the end of third grade, lower income children are […]

What Would Duncan Do?

Most days Duncan wears a nice athletic pair of pants, a long sleeve henley and a nice jacket — all Lululemon. You can find Duncan at LuluLemon quite a bit, actually. He’s one of five guys that work at his LuluLemon location. That’s three more than when he started working there 16 months ago. But […]