We are Hygge

Our name is hard but our space is easy.

We can’t force community, but we can create all the right coworking conditions and that starts with you. Scroll down to learn more about the awesome things happening at Hygge and our monthly memberships.

*Note: This isn’t a dating service. We’re just weird.
*Photos by Zan Maddox of Social Design House


Friends With Benefits

If your 2 year t-mobile contract was a big deal, this is the membership level for you. Very low commitment. No more always having to use wi-fi from the coffee shop. Just come in grab some table or couch and let’s get busy.


Going Steady

With this level you get a workspace to call your own! Bring in all your weird desk toys. Yes, this is your workspace so go ahead and bring your taxidermic pheasant, your goofy novelty coffee mug and any other things you want to bring in to make it home is cool with us. Come plug-in and get to work.

Starting at $599/month


If you’re ready to settle down, buy into the ideal of Katherine Heigl movies and are tired of knocking boots all over town this is the right level membership for you. You get it all. A private office for you and the team. Plant some roots with us.

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